Icons to annotate and represent classes


Extends from Modelica.Icons.IconsPackage (Icon for packages containing icons).

Package Content

FCSys.Icons.Blocks Blocks Icons for blocks (imperative or causal models)
FCSys.Icons.Conditions Conditions Icons for conditions
FCSys.Icons.ChemistryPackage ChemistryPackage Icon for packages containing chemical models
FCSys.Icons.Names Names Icons labeled with the name of the class at various positions
FCSys.Icons.Phases Phases Icons for phases
FCSys.Icons.Cell Cell Icon for a cell
FCSys.Icons.Record Record Icon for records

FCSys.Icons.Cell FCSys.Icons.Cell

Icon for a cell

Modelica definition

partial class Cell "Icon for a cell"
  // extends Names.Top3;

end Cell;

FCSys.Icons.Record FCSys.Icons.Record

Icon for records


This icon is indicates a record.

Extends from Names.Top3.

Modelica definition

partial record Record "Icon for records"
  extends Names.Top3;

end Record;