Data and functions to correlate physical properties


Each species has a subpackage for each material phase in which the species is represented. The thermodynamic properties are generally different for each phase.

Additional materials may be included as needed. The thermodynamic data for materials that are condensed at standard conditions is available in [McBride2002]. The thermodynamic data for materials that are gases at standard conditions is available in Modelica.Media.IdealGases.Common.SingleGasesData (and [McBride2002]). Virial coefficients are available in [Dymond2002]. Transport characteristics are available in [McBride1996, McBride2002].

Extends from Modelica.Icons.Package (Icon for standard packages).

Package Content

FCSys.Characteristics.Examples Examples Examples
FCSys.Characteristics.'C+' 'C+' C+
FCSys.Characteristics.'SO3-' 'SO3-' C19HF37O5S- (abbreviated as SO3-)
FCSys.Characteristics.'e-' 'e-' e-
FCSys.Characteristics.'H+' 'H+' H+
FCSys.Characteristics.H2 H2 H2
FCSys.Characteristics.H2O H2O H2O
FCSys.Characteristics.N2 N2 N2
FCSys.Characteristics.O2 O2 O2
FCSys.Characteristics.IdealGas IdealGas Ideal gas
FCSys.Characteristics.BaseClasses BaseClasses Base classes (generally not for direct use)
FCSys.Characteristics.MobilityFactors MobilityFactors Mobility factors